Cats Abused And Skinned In China

This is a tough read from PETA, but I make no apologies as we can’t hide from these issues.

The best way not to see (and read) about them is to help stop the happening!

Dogs and cats are crammed together, bashed in the head, and skinned. Terrified goats cry out as they’re pinned to the ground by workers who yank out their hair. Rabbits are strung up and decapitated – all for the sake of fur trim or trinkets.

As you read this, animals are being abused and killed for the skin, wool, fur, or feathers on their backs – but you can help PETA stop such suffering by supporting the “Save Our Skins” challenge and bringing us closer to our goal of raising £100,000 before 31 July.

My Birthday is 31st July and I can think of no better present than to see that they have reached their target.

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