Cats Arrived Safe & Well

News is already coming in from Germany about our cats who arrived there yesterday. Big Chiver’s foster Mum is ‘already in love with him’, Marty was ‘very welcome’ in his new home, and for Trixie’s new big friend it was love at first sight!

Chivers With Pam Before He Went

Chivers appears none the worse for his 24 hour trip and already seems to be making himself at home from this email:
“He IS such a cute boy, how could somebody love him not ?
in his foster home he was walking all the time behind his new foster mum and was talking….about the transport and so on…;o) and when she spoke with him, he answered !! ;o) and cuddling he was with everyone, who wants to cuddle with him..;o) he is really cute and he is loved again..:o)”

Enjoy these early photos of Trixie with her new family.
“Trixie loves her new guy in her new home… first minute she hate him because he is a big cat but very lovely… I have never seen a cat so happy to have a new cat in his territory… He loves her and followed her step by step to not to miss her… and she cuddles after some minutes with her adoptants… very lovely girl… she talked a lot, too… and she loves her new friend… both played after some minutes… that is a perfect pair and he is very worried if he do not see her and is searching in the apartment, because he cannot hear her (white persian mix with a blue and a green eye)… ”

Trixie And New Friend

Trixie With Mum & Dad

Trixie With Mum & Dad

Only Cosmo and Lucia are hiding from their foster Mum’s but that is to be expected as they are both nervous cats, and it is very early days.

1 thought on “Cats Arrived Safe & Well

  1. Pam Roberts

    John and I are so glad that Chivers has arrived safely and that his new foster Mum has taken to him. It was a real wrench to part with this big boy as he was so affectionate and wanted cuddles all the time.We were so happy that he settled into our home after so many years of living outside on the rocks.He has a tremendous appetite – ate and ate – but didnt seem to get any fatter. We both wish him, a very happy new life.

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