Cats, dogs, and a bird died in this house fire – trapped

Hard to believe that Ninety-Seven Pet Animals Were Trapped in a House As It Burned. They Died, Unable to Escape. How could this have been allowed to happen!!??

In a Florida residential community, almost 100 pets recently died after being trapped in an empty house as it caught on fire. The deceased animals include one bird, five dogs, and a staggering 91 cats. The animals’ human parents, a couple, are reportedly devastated, as they considered their pets to be their own children. But even as beloved as the animals were, it’s shocking that Florida officials allowed anyone to accumulate so many animals. Having so many pets in one home sadly created a prime situation for a horrific tragedy like these house fire deaths to occur.

The family’s veterinarian reassured reporters that the couple was diligent in taking care of their animals, always bringing them to receive medical treatment when needed. However, collecting and hoarding nearly 100 pets is still a major issue — which is why neighbors had called Animal Care and Protective Services (ACPS) at least two times. But ACPS was unable to intervene since Florida laws do not regulate this type of animal hoarding. Laws like that could have prevented dozens of deaths in just this one fire alone. Sign the petition to tell Florida lawmakers they must limit the number of animals a person or family can own! It’s the only way to keep animals safe in the future.

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