Cecil the lion’s murderer is still killing animals

When Walter Palmer, a now-infamous denist from Minnesota, took aim at Cecil the lion and shot him with an arrow, this man didn’t even bother to put the animal out of his misery. Walter Palmer allowed Cecil to suffer for 12 excruciating hours before authorities finally found the lion and mercifully put him down. In the wake of public outrage, Palmer tried to sneak away from the public eye. But he never intended to stop killing animals. In fact, his friends say he has a macabre list of ‘dream hunts,’ and he just checked another one off his list. His most recent “accomplishment” is slaughtering yet another nationally-beloved animal that is dangerously close to extinction.

The Mongolian argali is the largest sheep in the world, and is treasured by the Mongolian people. In order to take an argali’s life, Palmer paid more than $100,000 and traveled nearly 6,000 miles just to play out his murder fantasy. Afterwards, he proudly posed with the animal’s corpse — then tried to crop his face out of the photo to prevent people from finding out. Palmer doesn’t regret his cruel actions, and he just wants to keep on killing more and more. It’s time for us to take hold of something he treasures. Sign the petition and demand that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service deny Walter Palmer’s request to import the corpse of a murdered argali, which he would call a trophy, into the country!

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