Cedar the goat was mercilessly killed after police took him from his owner

Jessica’s Goat Was Seized, Slaughtered, and Eaten at a Community Barbecue. We Must Demand Justice.

Last year, 9-year-old Jessica began raising Cedar the baby goat for a “livestock project” through her local 4-H chapter. But she learned to love Cedar as a pet and family member, so Jessica begged to withdraw from the project and save Cedar from the slaughter he was being raised for.

But fair officials, obsessed with arbitrary rules based on the cruelty of the agricultural industry, wouldn’t hear her pleas. They sent police officers hundreds of miles, using taxpayer dollars, to kidnap Jessica’s beloved Cedar so he could be killed and eaten as the institution intended. 

The Shasta District Fair CEO Melanie Silva and Board of Directors must issue an apology for this senseless, blind cruelty.

Beyond that, new policies that promote animal welfare and compassion need to be adopted, ending the practice of auctioning animals raised by literal children for slaughter at the fair and creating alternative activities that celebrate the bond between humans and animals. Sign the petition for justice for Cedar and Jessica!

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