19/11/12: Chanel DID travel on the last transport to Germany 10.11. and she DID travel to her forever home. By the time she left us she was 4kg of lean playing machine. This little lady was determined to get fit and well from the beginning, eating everything in sight until her stomach recovered and her food was absorbed better. We all fell in love with this sporty girl, because she also had the sweetest character. Already I have lovely photos from her new home. She lives in a 140sqm house with a very handsome boy cat. The last friend his family tried to adopt he hated, they think because it was also a male. After a little hissing he seems to have fallen for Chanel’s charms and all is just fine! How could he resist her? She is SO gorgeous in every way! I am very happy for her and Pam and I will remember her always. It was a battle to get her well but she was worth all the time and effort.

10/10/12: Chanel will not be able to travel to Germany this weekend after all as she still has diarrhoea, Miguel thinks from a bacterial infection. She also has slight bronchitis, and slightly red eyes. On the plus side, this little girl has managed to increase her weight from 2.2 to 3.2 kg in just 2 weeks, so she is actually doing very well. This has required a lot of eating on her part as most of the food seems to be passing straight through bless her! We will continue to look after her well here, and I have a feeling that by the next transport she may well have her forever home!

09/10/12: Chanel is currently enjoying some fresh air on my balcony. She is looking for cat company and calling to my cats through the closed windows, but she is on her second course of medicine for Giardia so this is too risky. She seems much stronger and I am hopeful that she will be able to travel this wekend to a foster home in Germany. Enjoy her new photos from yesterday. She is a very pretty, sweet girl.

02/10/12: Chanel has now finished her first 5 days of Panacur and already I can see an improvement. She still has diarrhoea but no longer liquid and the blood is gone. She has more energy and is wanting out of her cage all the time. She talks to us a lot and is starting to show a curious personality. It always frustrates me when rescue cats are left to live with parasites. They become SO thin and sick. I am happy for this little girl that she is now with us and we can continue to help her recover.

28/08/12: Chanel is another beautiful tame cat from SOS Pechina. Yesterday I brought her back to Almerimar because she is VERY thin and sick. My vet this morning confirmed that she has VERY bad parasites so I have started Panacur, and as she weighed in at only 2.2kg and is about 1 year old, this little lady is definitely struggling. I am hoping for a quick improvement now she has medicine and good food, and she is certainly tucking into her Royal Canin Fit 32 biscuits. For now she only has a cage to live in but she is safe, and now well cared for. Thankyou again to Pam for her help.

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