13/02/13: I am very relieved that our lovely boy has fine in Germany. He is eating well and foster Mum Bettina has said what a lovely cat he is. I am now waiting for news of his first visit to the specialist vet.
10/02/13: Chato is a gentleman of a cat, now about 5 years old, and we think pure Persian. Chato is definitely his name, because he was left at Pechina by his previous owner who for some reason didn’t want to or couldn’t keep him. It seems they did not look after him well, because Chato has an old break to his right front leg, which was never treated and has healed incorrectly. I took him out of Pechina and then for an X-ray because of his bad limp, and we can also see arthritis which is not good. He has traveled to Germany urgently this weekend so that a specialist vet there can assess his leg and decide what can be done to give him better movement. Thankyou to Anthea who has looked after this gentle boy so well in the last 10 days, and helped him through a bad cold. He is completely sweet natured, and in need of a quiet, peaceful home. For him a rescue centre with a lot of cats was definitely not the place to be. I’m happy to have been able to help him, and I hope in Germany they can now help him too. I know they will find a him a lovely new family.

Enjoy his photos. He is already looking much better after some attention to his fur and drops for his eyes, which are a beautiful amber colour.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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