07/11/13: It IS now official. Chaucer has his forever home! It took Gitti just 3 days to know that our wonderful boy was her cat. Interestingly because of all the cuddling, Gitta noticed a hard knob on Chaucer’s chin which her vet has said is a bullet, presumably from an air rifle. Chaucer will have a small operation to remove it and then all will be fine.
01/11/13: Time to meet this very beautiful cat. He is also from SOS Pechina where he was I believe left by his previous owner. When I first saw him he was thin and distressed there and hiding from the other cats. I was happy to be able to take him out quickly and in the 6 weeks he was with us he gained 1.5kg and showed his true personality. He is a lovely lovely people cat but he does not really like other cats so was probably an only cat. At 3 years old he tolerated kittens Moshi and Lillibet who shared my foster room with him, but the 2 times he met another adult cat he almost went on the attack. All the other cats at Pechina I think frightened him but one on one he was ready to defend his small territory! Now I am pleased to be able to write that last weekend he traveled to a trial home in Germany, and from the early photos I think he has his forever home as a pampered single cat. He is very beautiful in looks and character as long as you don’t want him to socialise with other cats!

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