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10/03/13: After 5 months in her foster home in Germany, Millie moved to her forever home last weekend. She is a very lucky girl. She will live now in a house with garden, and has a lovely slightly younger female cat, Molly, to be her friend. The girls already look close in the new photos and the news is all great from their Mum: “Millie has settled down super in the last week with us. After two days she was becoming friends with Molly, and now Molly and Millie sleep curled up together in bed with us. They regularly play hunt through the apartment and hide and seek. Hissing is only when Molly is too cocky when playing or will not stop, and Millie has had enough of playing. Through all the running around Millie is now already become slimmer, and she is always playful and affectionate. In the evening I was there a few times now with Millie on a leash in the garden – it works wonderfully and Millie stops no longer on bushes and shrubs to sniff. All in all, Millie is a very intuitive and “calming influence” for Molly. She is very much in our hearts!”

06/12/12: More news of little Chico later, but my star photo of the week is this new one of a very relaxed, contented Millie. She has now been in her foster home in Germany for over 6 weeks, minus a few days because of a minor problem with litter trays! I LOVE this photo, not just because she is cuddling with Steffi’s cat, but because of her little round face. She looks fantastic and much fatter than when she left here. I rescued a skeleton cat from SOS Pechina of under 2kg, Pam did a great job of helping her get back to a healthier weight, but when she left here our tall slender girl was still underweight for her size. Now it looks to be not the case. Isn’t she beautiful?

15/10/12: Lovely new photos arrived yesterday of Millie’s arrival in her foster home. She has definitely been making herself at home and charming everyone, so much so that her foster Mum is already tempted to adopt her. Next she must charm the owned cat and then we will see!
13/10/12: Today is a sad and happy day for me because little Millie is off to Germany. A place in a foster home came free and a sociable, sweet, dog-loving male cat was requested. Millie is NOT male but she IS delightful and the foster Mum agreed to take her. I hope she will find her forever home soon. She IS the most adorable little cat. To know her really is to love her! I am SO SO happy I was able to save her. Good journey and a happy life darling Millie!

09/02/10: It is now actually almost a week since my little angel cat FINALLY had all his stitches out! His wound is now completely healed and he has again been enjoying Pam’s balcony with little Millie. Chico still rests a lot in his bed but he is slowly becoming more active and in just 6 days we can see an improvement in the strength of his remaining back leg. Tomorrow I’m taking him back to Miguel, this time for vaccinations and a final check. The very latest news is that Chico has an adoptant and will be off to England on the 20.10 transport. Kim who originally rescued Kasper is going to give this little darling a home. She has 2 friendly cats and a garden that will be safe for Chico, but would not have been for the VERY active, expert climber Kasper! I will miss Chico but will wish him well in his new life.

Enjoy the latest photos. The extra cat is Jayden whom you will meet next!

02/10/12: Chico was out on my balcony today for some fresh air, and is looking great. I took his collar off while I was with him so that he could have a good clean and we could play better. His wound looks to me completely healed, but I put his collar back in case he tried to pull at the little pieces of plastic. I then left him enjoying the sun under the cat tree. He wants to play now and urgently needs to exercise and build up the strength in his remaining back leg. I hope his next X-ray will be good and show that his broken hip has healed. Enjoy his new photos and there will be more news tomorrow. Meanwhile Millie has finished her 3rd Panacur treatment and is eating and eating and eating!!! We are winning.

28/09/12: Good and bad news this morning. Little Chico’s skin is finally healing over his operation wound and Miguel thinks that on Wednesday we will be able to take out his stitches and remove his collar. I am VERY happy for my angel cat. Meanwhile Millie has gained another 0.3 of a kg and is now 2.7kg. She has however once again tested positive for Giardia, so has started her 3rd course of Panacur to hopefully finally rid her little body of these parasites. In herself she is very well, with lovely soft fur and a lot of attitude now. Both Chico and Millie are a little bored and lonely but I am planning to re-unite them by Thursday morning, and once they are finally healthy and no risk to her cats, Pam will let them have the run of her apartment while we search for permanent homes for them.

24/09/12: It is time to meet Chico’s little friend Millie. Yesterday morning we put them both out on Pam’s balcony to get some exercise and fresh air, and Millie was actually seen cleaning our little boy. She is the sweetest little female cat with not an aggressive bone in her slim little body! I think once Chico finally loses his collar, she will be giving him kisses! He definitely looks at her adoringly like a big sister or a surrogate mother. For now sadly I have had to separate them as I am worried Millie is also chewing Chico’s stitches, but I am hoping they will be re-united in the next week.

Chico has been back to Miguel again this morning to have his wound repaired under anaesthetic AGAIN! The good news is that the infection is beaten, so I am hoping his skin will hold the stitches better now. Underneath the skin the wound has healed, so we are ALMOST there!

Millie meanwhile is slowly putting on weight, has quickly become very fussy about her food! and talks to us a lot. She will be tested again for Giardia at the end of this week and if she is clear, then she can have the run of Pam’s apartment. It has been lovely to see the change in her over the past 3 weeks. Our little skeleton girl is slowly starting to look like the pretty little cat she should be, and her horrible dry dandruff has completely cleared. She has some little patches on her face from scratching mites but these too are slowly going. I think we will be able to send a beautiful little girl to Germany in a few weeks. She is just gorgeous and I LOVE her little beauty spot.

Enjoy her photos and see the difference from the ones I took at Pechina earlier in the summer. Now we have a lovely, relaxed, playful little cat who has quickly adjusted to being loved and cared for again.

22/09/12: We still have a fight to make Chico well again. On Thursday he saw Miguel because his wound is opening again. This IS because his skin is weak from the infection. The good news is that his wound underneath is healing and the infection IS better. For now I am cleaning the wound 2 times each day and he continues with antibiotics. On Monday he will go back to Miguel, and this time I think he will need another anaesthetic so that his wound can be closed properly again! I believe he will be fine, because he is eating well and he wants to play. Millie I think is being sweet to him. Yesterday morning all his back was wet and only Millie could have cleaned him!

19/09/12: Chico is another little cat from SOS Pechina, about 8 months old, and he has been with me for just over 2 weeks now. I saw him in the big cat pen at Pechina and knew that he was in big trouble, with a badly broken leg. I did not really understand Victor the Spanish vet, but when I looked I could also see that Chico had a large area of infection. He was in too much pain for Miguel to X-ray him immediately without anaesthetic, and Chico was too thin at first for this to be safe. So I had to wait one week and give him lots of good food and antibiotics.

The X-ray was very bad. Chico’s femur was broken across and down, and he also had a broken hip. The infection was due to the damage to his leg tissue from the pieces of bone that were in the wrong place. When Miguel shaved his leg, he could also see a large recent scar. He thinks Chico was probably hit by a car, and was just treated for the initial wound before being put into the cat pen at Pechina. I do not understand why he was left to suffer and not treated more. This I believe was due to lack of resource and the protectora being over stretched, but I am very concerned.

Miguel could not save his leg, but the brave little boy was doing very well for the first few days, and seemed happier without his painful, useless leg. Miguel thinks his hip will mend, and his other leg is fine. On Monday however he had to have another anaesthetic because the infection in his leg had spread to the operation site and the skin had torn so that part of the wound was open again. Now he has plastic tubes to support the skin.

I hope and pray that we are now over the worst. Tomorrow I will take him back to Miguel again. Chico is a darling boy. He is the sweetest little cat, and so brave. I am very happy that I went to look and saw him, and have been able to help him. When he is ready I know that we will find him a lovely home. For now he is safe and loved in Pam’s computer room with little Millie, also from Pechina, for company. He is worth all our time and care. I hope you can see from the photos just how gorgeous he is.

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