Chinchilla fur farms are home to horrific abuses

Come on Romania, you have so many great people helping stray cats and dogs, don’t let this happen!

A New Investigation Shows the Horrors of Chinchilla Fur Farming. Romania Must Ban this Cruelty Now!

The Humane Society International (HSI) recently captured undercover footage that documents just how many animals are needlessly suffering in Romania’s abusive chinchilla farms. HSI’s shocking investigation confirmed the worst fears of animal advocates around the world: that Romania’s chinchilla fur farms are rampant with abuse against thousands of innocent animals. In the videos, chinchillas are seen trapped in tiny cages, all alone, despite being highly social creatures in the wild. Most cages have piles of excrement and many of the poor animals were literally trying to chew their way out of captivity.

On top of that, female chinchillas are forced to endure some of the most gruesome and unnatural breeding tactics. Females are pushed into a nearly endless cycle of pregnancy, sometimes being forced to mate again only hours after giving birth. Handlers strap these same chinchillas into collars or braces that prevent them from escaping their cage during this forced mating. How can such a horrendously violent process still be legal in a European Union country? Luckily, following the release of the horrific footage, members of the country’s National Liberal Party have drafted and submitted a bill to Parliament that would entirely ban mink and chinchilla farming in the country. Sign the petition now to tell Nicolae Ciucă: end the violent, abusive industry of fur farming for good in Romania!

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