07/09/12: Claudio is actually an Almerimar cat. He turned up in Monica’s garden over 6 months ago with his brother and sister and she has been feeding the 2 boys ever since. Claudio is at the moment the only re-homable one of the 3. Monica by the end was able to stroke and pick him up. Now however Claudio (age about 1 year) is off to Germany on tomorrow’s transport where he will be a ‘trial’ friend for the beautiful Deisy. He is not very happy tonight as, he is nervous of strange people and so I have had to put him in a cage, but in 2 days time he will be starting a new life with the chance of a proper home. Our only concern is whether this handsome boy will need a garden. Let’s hope that Deisy falls for his gorgeous blue green eyes, and helps to make him feel at home.

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