Korky & Phoebe

Safe Together

These 2 are our latest rescue and are now happy and safe being fostered by Dawn. You can see from this picture why we are certain they have come from the same home, and could even be brother and sister, they are so close.

I am now busy getting them ready with passports to travel to a new life in Germany on April 11th … our Easter cats! Martina in Germany is meanwhile busy finding a foster home for them over there, and I’m really hoping that they will be able to stay together. Dawn sent me an email last night to say how well they had settled in … one on each sofa! They are such tame, sweet animals.

The number of cats and kittens that have been abandoned in the last few months is worrying as these ‘pets’ are so vulnerable and un-streetwise. It also means that we have been unable to send some of our more tame semi-ferals for re-homing, as the new arrivals keep bumping them down the list. At least the weather is now warm and I know that they are being well-fed, but I do wonder how many more cats are going to turn up on our streets this year.

Anyway enjoy the photos. Korky is the boy and Phoebe the girl.

Korky Cat

Korky Cat

Phoebe Cat

Phoebe Cat

Safe Together

7 thoughts on “Korky & Phoebe

  1. Chris

    They seem happy and well cared for now. Really is a shame that they get abandoned!!!

  2. Pam Roberts

    These two beautiful cats have fortunately only been dumped on the streets for a week and are very lucky cats because Dawn has kindly taken them in. It is beyond my comprehension how any one could dump 2 cats who have obviously been well cared for in a calle where they didnt stand any chance of getting food or water.Or did their owner see me feeding a siamese cat who lives in the calle and dump them because they thought I would feed them.Well its the owners loss because they are so gentle and affectionate and the looks on their little faces when we took them around to Dawn’s and settled them in last night made all the work involved very worthwhile.They must be rehomed together in Germany and its fingers crossed that a suitable home can be found as I think they would be very distressed at being parted.In all my cat years I have never seen two cats sleep with their paws around each other like these two do.Many many thanks for Dawn for taking them into her home yesterday.

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