Corky the orca was brutally attacked at SeaWorld

Agan, animals do not exist to create entertainment for humans in any circumstances.

Corky Had Nowhere to Flee As She Was Violently Attacked. Justice for Corky, Shut Down SeaWorld!

An innocent orca has suffered a vicious attack in one of SeaWorld’s tiny, prison-like tanks. It’s believed that the victim was Corky, a female whale who has been trapped in captivity for over 50 years. Corky, who has already missed out on decades of free and autonomous life in the ocean, was forced to endure brutal violence with nowhere to flee.

It is literally impossible for whales like Corky escape encounters with other whales in SeaWorld’s restrictive tanks. Plus, in captivity, it is well documented that orcas exhibit unnaturally high levels of aggression, depression, and other behavioral issues that lead to individual suffering and dangerous physical conflict. It’s even been alleged that SeaWorld knowingly puts whales together in tanks that it knows won’t get along — blatantly risking these sweet, intelligent whales’ safety.

SeaWorld is creating dangerous, hostile, cruel environments for its marine mammals. Sign the petition demanding it be shut down, and all its whales — including Corky — be sent to seaside sanctuaries.

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