Crates are unimaginable torture for farm animals. The US must stand against this cruel practice

Locking Animals in Tiny Gestational and Veal Crates Is Cruel. The U.S. Must Ban This Practice Now!

Veal and gestational crates are torturously small cages that are popular on factory farms. Farmers lock mama and baby pigs in these metal confinements for months at a time — even though the spaces are so tiny, the animals don’t have room to move, turn around, or lay down on their sides.

That’s why it’s so wonderful to learn that New Jersey just became the 10th U.S. state to ban gestation crates as well as veal crates! This is a massive victory for animal rights. Now the United States government needs to step up and adopt similar regulations at the federal level.

Gestation crates contain no bedding and are usually just slats of uncomfortable plastic or cold metal. On top of that, farmers forcibly impregnate the sows over and over again against their will — ensuring that she produces more profitable meat in the form of babies.

Adult pigs and calves are social animals that naturally seek the companionship of others, enjoy exploring their environments, and engage in playful behavior together. But these restrictive, tiny cages prevent any of that. The barrenness of these conditions leads to psychological distress and suffering.

All this torture exists just to fuel the profits of big agricultural farms. That’s not a good enough reason to put sentient creatures through such hell.

It is time the United States Department of Agriculture, headed by Secretary Tom Vilsack, formally bans gestation and veal crates at the federal level! Sign the petition now if you agree!

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