CRISIS CONTINUES! EUTHANASIA POSSIBLE! We’ve negotiated a temporary hold on the forced closure of a shelter that cares for 200 dogs!

We’ve succeeded in getting some of the Zarkovica shelter dogs moved to safety, but many remain. WE MUST GET THEM IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION SO THEY CAN BE RELEASED AND SPARED EUTHANASIA! HelpPlease!

For six years, we have supported hundreds of dogs at the Zarkovica shelter in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik. It is a private shelter run by one severely overworked woman, because the city has not built a municipal shelter – even though it is legally obligated to do so.

The national government wants the shelter closed IMMEDIATELY. We have bought precious time for the dogs, but have to move them QUICKLY.

This is an unmitigated disaster for hundreds of dogs.

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Zarkovica is the only refuge in Dubrovnik for sick, unwanted and unloved street animals – dumped because they are old, sickly or no longer wanted by their owners. Now the authorities have spoken, and the deadline for the shelter closing is imminent . We know what this means for the dogs: those that are sick and old face the killer needle. We are desperately fighting to stop this happening.

Along with our partners at Animal Friends Croatia, we have proved to the officials that foster homes for over 60 dogs have been found, and an appeal is in progress to fight for more time. But we have no idea how much time we have left: the authorities could move in and close the doors forever at any time. What would happen to the dogs then does not bear thinking about.

The shelter has been a horror story from the beginning. Initially, the then city mayor refused to help the shelter because it is illegally situated on a world heritage site. We stepped in, the mayor was fired, and we have been helping to care for the dogs ever since.

But the story is not that simple. The city has a legal obligation to build a municipal shelter, repeatedly promised to do so, but broke those promises. As a result, conditions at Zarkovica deteriorated as the woman who runs it became increasingly overwhelmed.

Now, the patience of the national government has run out. Zarkovica will be closed. The dogs must be adopted or moved to other, legal shelters and this must happen now… OR ELSE.

The government does not care that other, ‘legal’ shelters could kill any animal considered too ‘costly’ to treat, due to existing health conditions.

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