CRISIS for CATS! 210 hungry and sick cats suffering!

Poverty in Kenya is devastating shelter cats. With your support, they will get foodmedical care and hopefully find loving homes!

In Nairobi, Kenya, poverty and corruption have crippled animal shelters, and it’s the animals in the most desperate need who are suffering most. They are always the helpless, voiceless victims of human callousness, at the very bottom of everyone’s list – but NOT OURS!

There is a dreadful situation at the Nairobi Feline Sanctuary (NFS) – 210 cats need help.

NFS struggles to care for 210 unwanted cats. Against all odds and despite daily hardship, this small, good-hearted organization provides enormous help for street cats. But funds for food and medicine are in such short supply that they are almost non-existent. Without aid, the shelter will close. The cats have no one else to help them, and NFS is desperate: if they can’t feed and care for the cats, only death awaits. NFA reached out to us for help.

Your donation of JUST $10 (£7) will feed a hungry cat for an entire month. $20 (£14) will VACCINATE  them too. $70 (£51) will feed, vaccinate and STERILIZE a cat. You have no idea what a difference this will make to the life of an unwanted, unloved, abused cat. 

Please, donate now.

The 210 cats who live at the sanctuary have nowhere else to go. Life on the city streets is far too dangerous for any street animal to survive for long. We have to help them.

The sanctuary is run by Rachel Kabue, a kind animal lover who routinely rescues street cats – without help, they would die, either from being stoned to death because they are considered a nuisance or run over by speeding cars.

This is what happens in Kenya…

People get kittens because they are cute, but once they become adult cats, their owners abruptly dump them in the street with no further thought. These are cats who were owned and loved as kittens. They loved their families and relied on them for food, care and affection. Chris, for them to be heartlessly abandoned is so cruel – but it is the daily reality for cats in Kenya. 

Animals in Kenya are routinely treated like vermin, forced to scrounge for food and sleep on the street – always with one eye open because people are constantly trying to hurt or kill them. They did nothing to deserve this torment except to grow up and become adults!

The unloved cats of Kenya find solace at no-kill NFS. 
But NFS is struggling, and without funding, will have to close.  We cannot let the cats end up back on the streets where they face certain death! 

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