Critically important vultures are being ruthlessly poisoned and pushed to EXTINCTION

Please help rescue poisoned vultures and release their offspring into the wild.

Vultures are perilously close to extinction. If they die out, the consequences for human life will be catastrophic. We need to pay attention to this rapidly dwindling species right now because our health and perhaps our very survival is at stake.

Tragically, maligned and often misunderstood vultures are given little support because of their association with carrion and death.

If vultures were to become extinct, the damage would be irreparable. Diseases like botulism, the plague and rabies would spread rapidly, and large numbers of rural people would stand little chance against these voracious illnesses. But this is the reality we will face if we do not act immediately.

In just 30 years, Africa’s vulture numbers have plummeted by 90%. In South Africa, four of the country’s nine vulture species are listed as critically endangered. 

The African white-backed vulture for example – vital to Southern Africa’s ecosystems and once prolific across the region and the world – is now globally listed as critically endangered.

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