Cruelly Attacked: Sweet Dog was Burned and Beaten

What kind of anger does it take to corner a dog and burn him? To kick or punch him in the face so hard that his nose and jaw break?

That’s what I have been asking myself since the report of Marvin came in. I truly can’t comprehend this level of cruelty, but it is exactly what happened to Marvin. 

Please give $35 for Marvin’s care and recovery.

His rescuers tell us they started searching for Marvin when a tip came in from a concerned citizen. 

They thought they had seen the worst cases of cruelty, but they were horrified when they found him. The smell of his wound almost knocked them down.

Marvin’s leg was raw, filthy and covered in flies. His nose was bleeding, he was covered in ticks and he was burning with fever. 

These kind and caring people rushed Marvin to the vet, where they immediately began cooling his tortured and fevered body. With your help, Marvin will continue to get the care he needs.

Now, Marvin has begun the slow process of recovery. His veterinary care is constant, and the bills are high. 

Marvin’s rescuers are counting on your generosity to keep giving him the attention and care he needs to heal. Please, donate now.

1 thought on “Cruelly Attacked: Sweet Dog was Burned and Beaten

  1. Susan

    We should start collecting funds for the purpose of hunting down the abuser and do onto him what he did to this innocent dog. I want to raise funds for the veterinary expenses but we need to get aggressive towards the abusers without allowing them to waste the court’s time and resources. A person who is capable of harming a defenseless animal deserves no consideration or peace. This breaks my heart; there are too many stories like this, we need to step up and make an example of the next animal abuser we capture.

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