Daphne – An Aristocratic Cat

07/08/13: Daphne’s foster Mum has now decided to adopt Daphne which is great news. This is particularly kind because Jessika has already adopted Igor and Odin, 2 lovely boys of about 18 months. They traveled on the same transport as Daphne, who only went to Jessika when her other foster home did not work out. Igor and Odin were rescued, by a lovely Spanish lady, as small wild kittens along with brother Erik and sister Edith. When they arrived in Germany they were still afraid of new people, so for the first few days while the boys hid under the furniture, Daphne was friendly and lovely to Jessika. As a result Jessika has 3 lovely cats, and Daphne has her home and 2 lovely boyfriends! who look nothing like her at all.

18/06/13: This little lady is capturing the hearts of all who meet her as she is SO sweet and friendly. Now I have some lovely photos of a very relaxed, happy cat!
16/06/13: Daphne also traveled to Germany this weekend, where she is already much happier, following her foster Mum Jessika around like a little dog, sitting on her knee and even allowing herself to be brushed. Life has just become MUCH better!
16/05/13: Amazingly Daphne was found abandoned on the streets in Almeria by a friend of the Spanish lady who runs a private rescue home. I don’t think she had been outside for long as her coat was not in very bad condition, but she is another example of the attitude to animals here. I love all cats but very Persian faces like Daphne’s are not my favourite. I can however see that certainly in northern European countries, a cat like Daphne would never be seen roaming around the streets. She would definitely be an inside, very pampered cat, which is what her beautiful white fur needs. Daphne is not very happy right now as she is surrounded by other cats in the rescue, and this rather aristocratic lady, we think, is used to being an only cat! She is on the urgent list for a foster home in Germany for the next transport.


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8 thoughts on “Daphne – An Aristocratic Cat

  1. Anke

    I donยดt like the Persian faces but when I saw Daphne yesterday I felt in love with her. She is a little gremlin.

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