Dead animals found at local pet sitter’s home

They Trusted a Local Pet Sitter. Then Police Found Dead and Neglected Animals.

Some pet owners in Knoxville recently had to endure a nightmare scenario: unbeknownst to them, their animals were being abused and neglected by a family of well-reviewed local sitters. The details are sickening: five animals were found dead and decaying, and a puppy was found locked in a closet without food or water.

Sign now to tell Knoxville prosecutors: give these people a lifetime ban on animal ownership!

An older woman with dementia who was living there had feces caked to the bottom of her walker. Authorities even found a german shepherd locked in a closet without any food or water. All told, 38 living animals were found crammed into the house, alongside the dead animals, the stench thick. Clearly these people are unfit to ever own animals again, and should be given a lifetime ban on animal ownership! Sign the petition now if you agree!

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