December Transport

02/12/11: The transport has left Almerimar on time at 4:30am! The first 12 cats are on board. Today we have traveling 31 cats to adoptants and foster homes in Germany: Bugsy & Molly (adopted) were rescued from the garden of a kind Spanish man. He also rescued Pepe, whose friend Sheri was dumped in the garden of an empty apartment and rescued by Miriam. Sisters Tia and Maria were abandoned near Albox and another English man contacted me to help them. Tia’s last 2 kittens Akima and Filou are also on board. Figaro (adopted) was abandoned near Lorca and was headed for the pound when we helped him. James and Lizzie (adopted) are semi-finals rescued by Susan in Cobdar, and Fee (adopted) is another Cobdar cat, abandoned by her English owners.

In Almeria they will be joined by 10 more: Clarence and Flypi (adopted), born in Montse’s cat rescue, and their friends Milos & Juli (adopted), Arturo, and Patri (adopted), 4 lovely kittens rescued from the streets of Almeria. Also on board are Ozzy and Tigger, 2 cats being re-homed because their English families have returned to the UK and Nikita and Matilda two of Montse’s remaining 2010 kittens.

In Los Gallardos the remaining 7 cats going to Katzenherzen will board: Alba, found wandering the streets of Mojacar, Dick (adopted), also being re-homed as his family have returned to the UK, and Maya (adopted) taken to PAWs by a Spanish couple. The last 4 kittens Boris & Button, Nacho and Mischa (adopted) were rescued as a litter near Sorbas.

The final stop is near Murcia to pick up 2 kittens traveling from another cat rescue to their adoptant in Germany.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped these cats in any way, safe journey to them and our drivers Chris and Mick, and good morning to the girls from Katzenherzen who have founds them their homes, and who, with a small army of helpers, will be taking over once the transport gets to Germany. For these cats my job is done , and I along with many others here in Spain await further news of them.

Updated 1st December List is confirmed with 31 cats in total traveling to Germany. Still waiting on a few boxes to be allocated but the full list of Transport Boxes has been updated.

The box layout for the van is complete and available for download on the Documents & Photos page.

Updated 30th November Unless anything changes at the last minute we have a total of 28 cats confirmed at the moment with a question mark over Nacho, who would be the 29th. 12 will be loaded here in Almerimar, 9 in Almeria, 6 in Los Gallardos and 1 in Murcia.

12 will be dropped off in Bruchsal, 15 in Wallau and 1 on the way to Cologne.

The Transport Boxes list is up to date, and tomorrow we will finalise the box numbers, passport envelopes, photographs etc.

Schedule is confirmed as below! PLEASE ensure you are at the pick up points on time as if we can get ahead of schedule at this end it makes a huge difference.

Updated 29th November We have 31 cats on the transport list now, including one fro the Arbogelas organisation in Murcia. The Transport Boxes list has been updated on line and the first draft of the Van layout for the boxes is available for download on the Documents & Photos page. You will require a password to access this page so please email Sands for one.

Updated 28th November Have started to pull together the Transport Boxes for the trip. Please feel free to subscribe to the Google Document so that you can access the latest information on the transport list and boxes.

The current list has 31 cats going from ALStrays via Almerimar, Almeria and Los Gallardos, with 4 TBC awaiting blood test (Mischa) or confirmation of foster homes (Nikita, Nacho, Tiger).

Updated 26th November Looks like 30 or so cats on this transport, with a few to be confirmed in the next couple of days.

Current schedule is:

Friday 2nd December
4.30am Depart Almerimar
5.00am Arrive Almeria
5.45am Depart Almeria
6.30am Arrive Los Gallardos
7.30am Depart Los Gallardos

Saturday 3rd December
7.30am Arrive at Bruchsal
8.15am Depart Bruchsal
9.30am Arrive Wallau
11.00am Depart Wallau

Updated 11th November So far we have 10 cats, (Flypi, Clarence, Milos, Juli, Nikita, Ozzy, Pepe, Sheri, Figaro, and Dick) confirmed on the transport for December with 3 weeks still to go.
Updated 10th November: Schedule is sorted and driver has been found! Will depart from Almerimar on Friday 2nd December and drop the cats off in Germany on the morning of the 3rd. Will then drive to the UK and spend the night in Stoke on Trent. Tesco etc on the Sunday, leave Stoke on Trent on the Monday 5th and arrive back in Almerimar Tuesday evening.

The Shuttle is booked: 2020 on the 3rd December and 1620 on the 5th December

Updated 6th November: We will be leaving early on Friday 2nd December, dropping the cats off late morning on the Saturday 3rd. The current plan is then to drive to the UK Saturday afternoon, have an evening in Folkstone, do a Christmas shop and pick up on the Sunday morning, and be back in Almerimar Tuesday evening.

Updated 27th October: We are starting to plan the December Transport. At the moment it is scheduled for the 3rd December BUT it may be brought forward to the 2nd if a friend is able to share the driving and remove the need for the German Girls to fly someone down. We will know next week if he is available.

We are considering a trip over to the UK on the way back as well to pick up some Christmas produce for the bars and restaurants, but will be making a decision on that in the next week or two.

The transport has to take place on the scheduled weekend though as Sands is in Germany and the UK from the 9th December.

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