Demand Conviction for Man Who Beat Puppies to Death

If you’ve ever played with a puppy, you know that sometimes they get a little too excited and chomp a finger or two. It may sting a bit, but it’s unlikely to cause any real damage — and it’s certainly not done with any sort of malice. Puppies are just babies, and they don’t know any better. But in China, a man who was bitten by a puppy at an outdoor market reacted by beating the puppy to death, along with four of its siblings.

Despite the brutality of the story, authorities have not yet punished the perpetrator. Police say that because the old woman selling the puppies didn’t file a formal complaint, they can’t press charges against the man. But the photo circulating of the incident, along with the eyewitness testimony, should be enough.

I signed a petition to bring this murderer to justice. Will you join me?

You sign the Car2 petition here

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