Demand Justice for Dog Starved to Death in Singapore

A businessman in Singapore let his dog, a mutt named Chilli, slowly starve to death; authorities say she possibly spent months in agony. Yet for this atrocity, he got away with a slap on the wrist.

Last week, a Singaporean man was given the maximum charge for animal cruelty after he brought the body of his dog, Chilli, into the local SPCA. Investigators say that Chilli had spent possibly months slowly starving to death — and her owner had done nothing.

About a year ago, the businessman had hired a helper to take care of Chilli while he was away. The helper, who followed the man’s instructions to give Chilli dry food twice a day, noticed that the dog was becoming very thin. Concerned, the helper told Chilli’s owner that she thought Chilli should get medical attention immediately. According to court reports, the man said he was “too busy” to help the dog that had trusted him to love her and take care of her.

Chilli died, emaciated and in agony, shortly after.< /a>

Though this is undoubtedly negligence of the highest order, the man was only fined $10,000: a pittance compared to how much his animal was suffering. In Singapore, though, this is the maximum fine for those convicted of animal cruelty, no matter how awful their crime.

Pets in Singapore deserve more protection than this lax punishment entails. The government is considering passing stronger laws against animal abuse: Ask them to increase the maximum charge for animal cruelty!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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