Demand the maximum charges for a man who murdered 9 cats!

A man in Salem, Oregon has admitted to poisoning and killing at least 9 cats in his neighborhood with antifreeze. Although 9 beloved pets died as a result of this crime, so far Antonio Ramos-Perez has only been charged with one count of animal abuse.

Let’s stand up for these innocent cats who suffered greatly. Sign the Care2 petition today urging the county attorney to bring the maximum charges and penalties allowed against Mr. Ramos-Perez!

One neighbor described a horrible experience when both of her cats died from Mr. Ramos-Perez’s poisoning. The cats’ deaths involved hours of shaking and seizing and foaming at the mouth.

According to news reports, Mr. Ramos-Perez said that he put out antifreeze-laced cat food because he was tired of the animals coming into his yard. Shockingly, he purposefully committed these cruel murders simply because the cats wandered onto his property.

These heinous crimes deserve the maximum allowable punishment. Act now to demand justice for the murdered cats and their owners – sign the petition to Polk County District Attorney Aaron Felton today!

You can sign the Care 2 petition here

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