Depressed, lethargic, and abused, these animals are suffering

Humankind’s relationship with animals and their welfare has been a long and bumpy road. From experimenting on them, to forcing them to perform labor, to hunting them for cruel sport, we have not been exactly kind to these living things with whom we share the earth. But one way that we have exploited animals is quickly becoming a thing of the past — the presence and performance of exotic animals in circuses. Circuses are inherently cruel for animals like elephants, bears, tigers, and lions — instead of the wide open plains and forests that they call home, circuses stuff them in cramped cages covered with urine, feces, and filth. Instead of socializing, roaming free, and hunting at will, elephants are whipped so they will stay balanced on pedestals and lions are beaten so that they will jump through flaming hoops. All this so that audiences can have something to gawk at, and circus owners can line their pockets. The need to ban this cruel tradition couldn’t be more apparent.

We know these bans are not only possible, but becoming more and more common. Just recently, Wales passed legislation that will eliminate the use of all exotic animals in circuses by the end of 2020. That’s why we are asking Australia, a country with its own fair share of treasured, exotic animals, to follow in Wales’ footsteps and pass a federal ban on the presence of exotic animals in circuses. Sign the petition to show your support for a national ban on circus animals in Australia!

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