Dinky Donuts Update: Good Progress

It seems a long time since I updated the blog with news on Dinky and the Donuts. Blame social media as it is so easy these days to post daily updates (photos and videos) that writing a blog pots seems so ‘yesterday’ these days.


They have all been to the vets today so now all have microchips and their vaccinations. Dinky is booked in for her sterilisation on the 12th November. We will then get the boys done, and then the two girls so will be a while until they are all ‘sorted’.

They are still been fed and sleeping in the Office, but during the day when one of us at home the office door is open and they have free run of the Cottage. Dinky has started to come out and sleep in more places in the Office, and to explore the landing and bathroom and most importantly to play with the kittens. She is also a lot more comfortable with being stroked and is enjoying the fact that Moreno sleeps in the office for a lot of the day.

Cody, Ferdi and Xavi (the boys) are more adventurous than the girls (Evie and Millie) and are up and down the stairs regularly. They have found the hall, kitchen and dining room but not that interested in the lounge yet.

With wooden floors we tend to know where they are ……….

We had one moment with Dinky when she got spooked by Dyson (which was strange as not first time she seen it) and she managed to get behind the master bedroom bathroom toilet and so I had to remove four tiles to rescue her and block off the gap – which we didn’t know we have. Good (ish) news is that no harm done and we had a really good search of the Cottage to track her down so think that was the only weak spot.

The integration though is going really well, with some proper playing going on between the older gang and the Donuts.

Meet Dinky

Dinky: she has been an absolute star of a mother! She has started to trust us more and enjoys a stroke and a roll over (tunny tickle) a couple of times a day. She has become far more active and now the office door is open all day (when we are at home) she is venturing out onto the landing and into bathroom. She has also started to play with the kittens. Moreno has taken to sleeping in a cat bed in the office or on the cat pod so she has enjoyed his company. Hollie is fixated with the kittens so she often has him sleeping near her, and both Oscar and Marti pop into the office regularly and she has had no issues with them. A beautiful young cat, she really has been superb and now she is interacting more hopefully she will soon be fully integrated.

Meet The Donuts

Millie: you can tell it’s Millie a) because she is smaller than the two tabby boys and b) she has a white stripe on her nose. She is a little less intrepid than the others, but is feisty. active and loves fuss.
Evie: small, feisty, noisy and more than happy to join in with the boys. She is a little tom boy about 90% of the time, but then she will insist on a fuss and who could refuse her.
Cody: only way we can tell him and Ferdi apart is that Ferdi has a white mark on his rear right leg and doesn’t eat the wet food. Cody is a charmer for sure and an explorer. As with the all the others though he has quickly learned that he likes a stroke and tummy tickle.
Ferdi: from day one he was the first to the front of the cage and he has continued to be first in pretty much all the exploring. Along with Xavi he has ventured the furthest and the most often. He is still a bit of a Mummy’s boy though.
Xavi: possibly the fastest of the lot, he is pretty much everywhere these days and everything is done at full speed!

What Next?

Very hard to see then going anywhere. We had always thought that we would keep Dinky as kittens pretty easy to rehome, but then we had the issue of how to split them up? We would have wanted Dinky to have at least one of the kittens with her, but which one?

In a way it was natural to think that the two black and white cats (Xavi and Evie) would stay together, as would the two tabby boys (Cody & Ferdi) which would have meant Millie staying with Dinky.

But on the other hand maybe the two girls would be best together (Millie and Evie) which would mean Xavi staying with DInky.

Time has not helped us as there has been no natural pairings! More often than you would have thought the three tabbies have been found asleep together, as have Xavi and Evie, but then again Ferdi is still a bit of a mummy’s boy and Cody and Xavi are the more intrepid explorers.

Millie is more confident around Cody, Ferdi and Xavi so staying with Dinky may not have been best for her.

There have been no negative surprises with the way they have integrated.

Dogs: Hollie has been amazing as he just fixated on them, wants to mother and protect them, and having never really come into the office is now a semi permanent fixture watching over them as they sleep. Tito just want to play with them all the time and Tigra is pretty laid back but has played with them.

Cats: Moreno as expected has been the star once again. He has his breakfast with then, sleeps in the office during the day with them, and is very tolerant of all of them. Oscar has been pretty much as expected, a little off at first, but he is now happy to let them get on with things. He doesn’t participate much, but he does go into the office to see them and eat some of their food. Fleur as expected is not that fussed, but she only really likes to spend time with Moreno so when she does come across them she tends to watch them for a while and then run off. Dusky took a while as he always does but he just gets on with his life and if they are around fine, if not he just gets on with his life. Laid back is our Dusky. Kasper has been better than we thought. He is still prone to pick a fight with Marti and Tobi if he thinks they getting into his space, so there has been the odd hiss and swipe at the kittens, but by and large he is just letting them be. Marti loves them, but Marti loves everyone and everything so no surprise but along with Moreno he is spending more time with them. Tobi on the other hand hasn’t really accepted them yet. He is too gentle to be aggressive and if anything appears a little scared, and it is possible he has been wanting more attention from us in recent weeks – but that could just be that it’s got cold and he always has liked a snuggle.

So the cats and dogs have given us no cause for alarm or to think that they couldn’t all get on together, and most importantly none of the cats have felt that they are not getting the same level and type of attention that they had before. This is very important to us, they need their lives to be as normal as ever.

Next week we will start leaving the Office door open at night. So far they have all gravitated back to the Office to sleep, and we sort of need this to continue long term, but we can’t lock them away every night so we are hoping that they opt to themselves!!! Suspect we will be in for less sleep as they enjoy the extra freedom. The wooden floors really don’t dampen their tiny paws at all.

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