Dinky & The Donuts

Meet Dinky and the Donuts. Found in a doorway on the Hagley Road by Sands on the 4th August, they had just been dumped in a cat box with a old towel and nothing else.

No question Sands was going to bring them home, and no question that we would look after the until they old enough to be re-homed.

No question we are getting asked every day if we are going to adopt them!! We have seven (7) cats and three (3) dogs already so to add six (6) more may be too much, but then again letting them all go, or splitting them up has little appeal either. End of the day we will just focus on keeping the safe, enjoy their company and see what happens once we introduce the to the others.

No idea as of yet how old Mum (Dinky) is, but she seems young. She was very nervous of us initially but we were able to stroker her chin after a day or two, and after a couple of weeks she was purring and not hissing. Three weeks in and we can pick her up and she is very comfortable with us handling the Donuts.

She has been a terrific Mum. She eats het cat biscuits and wet food, and has not refused prawns, smoked salmon, white fish, chicken, mince or fillet steak!!! Oh, she even had some cream a few times ….

The Donuts can only have been a day or two old when Sands found them as it to took 7-10 days for their eyes to open, and their ears are only just starting to point upwards.

They don’t have to do much at this age other than eat and sleep, but they do that well and all seem very healthy.

It is amazing really how quickly they grow and after three weeks they are starting to potter around and show an interest in their surroundings.

They have a large dog cage with water, food, blankets and litter tray which is in our Laundry Shed which has a heater and a cooling fan, as well as a WebCam so we can monitor them remotely.

This shed already has a cat flap and is located in the secure catio so once they old enough they can all have access to the whole shed and the catio 24/7 so there is no rush to move them on.

We were put in touch with the Coulson Family Rescue who have said they will re-home them once they old enough (8 weeks generally as as they can have their vaccinations then), and to be fair they said they would take them off us immediately if necessary. They have also introduced us to their vet who will test and vaccinate and neuter as necessary in the future at a reduced rate.

Our cats are not really aware that they are here yet. Moreno and Marti have been into the shed and we have held them up to the cage and introduced them to a few of the kittens without any drama. Fleur and Kasper we predict will be the hardest to please, but we will see how it goes.

The garden is secure so as and when they need more space we can accommodate them.

Are a selection of photos and videos that have already been posted on various Social Media platforms so feel free to look up MarshallCAJ3107 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Videos & Photos

Settled into their new abode. Safe & Sound and full bellies!
Mum still nervous but the donuts are happy to tuck in!
Mum starting to trust us more.
Donuts starting to move around more.
Donuts looking very cute and developing their characters
Amazing how quickly they become mini cats
Not long now before they will want to be out exploring
Feeding Time
Home For A Few Weeks
Full Bellies
Once they big enough they will have this to play in

Webcam Videos & Photos

Snuggled Up Safe & Sound
First Adventure Out Of Cage
Home for the foreseeable future.
Monitoring Dinky’s first venture out of the cage on the TV in Dining Room

CCTV Video & Photos

Tobi saying goodnight
Tobi appears to have worked out we have guests!

First Posted: 24th August 2020

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