Do cats matter less than dogs?

The government is proposing to make the theft of a pet a specific offence – but are only planning to apply the rule to dogs – excluding cats from the new law.

Cats Protection is working with other charities and campaigners to tell the government to recognise that cats mean just as much to their families as dogs do.

Let your MP know that cats are family too!

The government’s reasoning for introducing a new offence is in recognition of the fact that ‘pets are valued… more than just property’.

92% of cat owners consider their pet to be part of their family – so the decision to exclude cats from these new rules is simply unacceptable.

We need to make it clear to the government that cats, as well as dogs, are family – not ‘just property’.

Next month, an event is being held for politicians where they can pledge support for the campaign. We’ve set up a simple form you can use to email your Member of Parliament and ask them to attend.

With your support, your MP is much more likely to engage with the campaign – so please click the link below to join the campaign.

The government’s proposal to exclude cats from the new law comes at the same time that we are seeing record reports of cats being stolen.
The latest data from the group Pet Theft Awareness found that in 2021, reported cases of cat theft have quadrupled since 2015 and increased 40% since 2020.

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