Dog abandoned on the street with a painful injury

This beautiful, tortured dog you see in the photos needs your help now. His name is Lucas.
He is in terrible pain – his leg was sliced open so more than six-inches of bone was exposed. Then he was left alone on the street to suffer and die. But he is alive. You’ll understand how amazing that is when I tell you more about his injury. But right now, I am asking you to give. Very simply: please give to Lucas.

Help Lucas – Donate $35 Now

We don’t have much time – just 7 days.

I know you care deeply about all animals. Lucas needs you. And so do the people who saved him. They have given Lucas a chance and they are pouring their love out to him, but that is not enough.
The group that rescued Lucas from the street does not get help from the government and they are struggling every month. They are at maximum capacity, and they are even low on food. Yet, with virtually no idea where the money will come from, they have made all the difference in the world to animals like Lucas.
You cannot imagine the way Lucas suffered. When he was found, he was unable to walk, unable to scrounge for food. His open wound was vulnerable to dirt, gravel and insects. He whined, yelped and cried for help. He was in agony, waiting to die.
But he didn’t die…someone reported his location to our partners and when they found him, he smiled at them. He was hopeful. His eyes were gentle and kind. Lucas wants to live even as he is suffering unimaginable pain.

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