Dog meat could be banned in South Korea – show your support!

In South Korea, more than 2 million dogs per year are kept in devastatingly cruel conditions before ultimately being slaughtered for their meat. These dogs often have no water, very little food, and live in inhumane environments where they are exposed to extreme heat, storms, and below-freezing temperatures. South Koreans are increasingly standing up against the dog meat industry, insisting that dogs are companions — not food. Despite residents’ opposition, the country remains one of the only remaining places in the world where dogs are still bred for human consumption.

The way these animals are killed can cause immense suffering and pain; one of most widely-employed forms of slaughter is electrocution. Before death, the pups live in constant neglect and abuse, sometimes resulting in psychological distress so intense that the dogs actually self-mutilate as a result. Luckily, the demand for dog meat is disappearing fast. The vast majority of South Koreans reject the dog meat trade. Now, President Moon Jae-in is speaking out against dog farming, too! We just need him to go one step further. Sign the petition to urge President Moon Jae-in to ban dog meat in South Korea!

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