Dog Rescue

All you dog lovers out there will be pleased to know that some of the money from the last Almerimar Strays booksale has been used as a donation to the Protectora de Animales (dog rescue).

This accompanied, ‘Happy’, the beautiful, softy, abandoned male dog that Pam and I rescued and took up there on Thursday.

Pam had been feeding him for about a week on the beach, and with a little pushing I managed to lift him into my jeep, where he was very well-behaved all the way there, with no barking, which was good as we also had cats on board! He will now be well looked after and got ready to also travel to Germany to a new home, and as he is SO sweet, I am pretty sure he won’t have to wait for one for too long.

2 thoughts on “Dog Rescue

  1. Pam Roberts

    A lovely young Alsatian dog has been hanging around the Square for a week – I have fed and watered it along with many other people.A French couple took it on board their boat to sleep for the last 4 nights and have looked after it very well,It is a very friendly dog – no aggression at all.This morning Chris Soroko and a lady called Libby kindly came up to the Dog Sanctuary with me – Dog jumped into the back of Chris’s car – obviously been in a car before.We arrived at 11 am and Jos came out – opened the gate and said ‘hello Flint’ then Karen came out with the microchip monitor and checked that it really was Flint and off he trotted with them into the compound.I think the owner had been in touch with Jos – apparently the dog lives in El Ejido – but how did it find its way to Almerimar – Jos assured me that it wouldnt have been dumped but……I assume that Jos will be in touch with the owner and fully assess the situation.I will find out more on Thursday when Sandra and I take some cats up to Miguel the Vet.The limping is from a previous problem and had been sorted.Whilst we were putting the dog into Chris’s car a Spanish guy came up and said he would like to take the dog as his brother was looking for another dog and that the brother had a garage on the way to Adra – well Flint isnt a guard dog and the thought of him being tied up all day wasnt appealing so we thanked him and said no thanks.Hopefully dog and owner will be reunited and all will be fine – but still wonder how the dog ended up in Almerimar?????

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