Dog Thrown from a Vehicle Needs Help Now

Her name is Robyn, please help if you can.

She is the victim of a terrible act of violence. Her injuries tell the story. She was thrown from a moving car and left in a ditch to die. 

But she is alive. You’ll understand how amazing that is when I tell you more about her injuries. But right now, I am asking you to give.

Very Simply: Please Give $35 for Robyn

We don’t have much time – just 7 days. 

You cannot imagine the way Robyn is suffering. Her injuries are gruesome. Both front legs are torn apart, lacerated with exposed bones. She can’t stand, so I can only imagine that she whined, yelped and cried for help down in that ditch. Surely, she laid in agony, waiting to die.

But she survived… Thanks to the volunteers who rescued her, she is still alive and recovering.  They are doing everything they can to keep Robyn alive and reduce her pain. Your generous gift of $35 will be rushed to Robyn’s caretakers.

Robyn needs you. And so do the people who saved her. They have given Robyn a chance and are pouring time, attention and love into her, but that is not enough. 

The rescue group that found Robyn is struggling every month to stay open, but they have made all the difference in the world to animals like Robyn. 

Please give something, anything to help them save lives

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