Dogs are not equipment; they are living beings

While the U.S. military maintains a trauma registry that keeps track of their injured two-legged service members, there is no trauma registry for the military working dogs (MWDs) who put their lives on the line to save these troops. During the 12 years from 2001 to 2013, more than 90 of these loyal canines died in Afghanistan and Iraq — mostly from gunshot wounds, explosions, and heat-related stress.

Without such a database, these pups’ wounds and sacrifices cannot be sufficiently heeded or tended to. But recording trauma — such as injuries and deaths — for military working dogs could save the lives of our four-legged heroes. In addition to providing veterinarians and handlers with vital information to help these pups heal, it could also help us advocate for them to have better protective gear. These dogs are risking their lives for us. The least we can do is help them make it through their deployments alive. Sign the petition to urge the U.S. Department of Defense to fund a registry of military working dog trauma!

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