Dogs could be the answer to our Covid testing woes.

Dogs May More Accurately Detect COVID-19 Than PCR Tests. The U.S. Must Invest in Research and Ethical Training of COVID-Sniffing Dogs!

Unfortunately, one of the biggest barriers to keeping the pandemic in check has been adequate testing. But exciting research suggests that dogs may be the most accurate way to detect COVID-19 — an amazing new strategy for keeping community transmission down and getting high-risk folks the care they need as quickly as possible!

Sign now to tell the U.S. Department of Health to invest money in researching and training COVID-sniffing dogs!

Researchers found that trained canines detected COVID-19 in a whopping 97% of symptomatic cases and nearly 100% of asymptomatic cases.These numbers are incredible, and beat the accuracy of even our most sophisticated COVID detection measures. The U.S. must invest money in implementing an ethical and humane program for COVID-sniffing dogs, potentially dramatically reducing community spread and saving untold lives. Sign now to tell the U.S. Department of Health: protect more lives, invest in COVID-sniffing dog research and training!

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