Dogs locked away from light and fresh air, covered in blood and urine

An abusive, illegal puppy breeding operation so horrendous that it has left witnesses “finding it really difficult to carry on with regular life” has been uncovered in the United Kingdom. The facility was a locked, windowless container devoid of light or fresh air full of tiny cages, many too small for any dog to possibly turn around or get comfortable. The pups inside were covered and matted in blood and feces. One was completely emaciated; another, a mama dog, so clearly overbred that her body was giving up. They cowered in terror at any human who came close, even those who were there to save them; wordless evidence of intense neglect and abuse.

Caddington is a tiny village about 30 miles north of London — so tiny, in fact, that residents were shocked that such a horrific case of animal cruelty could have been going on for so long. But when Kristy Horton found a badly hurt dog, covered in blood and clearly in need of help, she sounded the alarm. She had also heard whining and barking coming from a locked container nearby, so before she took the poor hurt pup to a vet, she called the Bedfordshire Police and the RSPCA.

The dogs involved in the above scheme have thankfully been rescued, but the human responsible must be held accountable. Sign the petition and encourage the Bedfordshire Police to exhaust every resource to find whoever kept these dogs captive while exploiting and abusing them!

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