Dogs Need Your Help

This mother dog was wasting away, as she’d fallen victim to a hazard common among hungry dogs forced to scavenge for scraps of food. A piece of bone had become painfully wedged in her jaw, preventing her from eating or drinking and putting her life and her nursing puppies’ lives at risk.

Kind people like you are critical to PETA’s projects supporting Animal Rahat’s work, helping the group respond immediately when the lives of dogs or other animals are at risk.

Animal Rahat staff members removed the troublesome bone, but they didn’t stop there. The team sterilised the mother and her two pups, preventing them from contributing to the homeless-animal crisis with future unwanted litters.

Today, mum and puppies are thriving, and Animal Rahat continues to check in on them, bringing them a hearty meal each time. And they’re not the only ones helped by the group: every day, it comes to the aid of street dogs – as well as cats, donkeys, bullocks, and other animals who count on the team’s help to survive.

Your gift will mean more dogs and other animals will be fed and sterilised, more rescues, and more emergency care for those in dire need. Make a special gift right now and it will go twice as far, thanks to a generous offer by donor Candace C Carmichael, who will match all donations – up to our £20,000 goal – until 31 August.

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