Dogs Starve Amidst Russian Occupation of Ukraine

When Russian forces captured the Chornobyl (Ukrainian spelling) power plant in February, they locked the workers in a basement for a month. 

That’s right. They spent a month imprisoned in a basement. 

I can’t even begin to imagine the fear of these power plant workers. They didn’t know if they would be released. They didn’t know if they would live. 

Meanwhile, the dogs that had come to depend on the workers for food were starving to death. 

Now, the workers have been released, and the Russians have left this area. 

But these power plant workers aren’t veterinarians. They carry dog food into the power plant at every shift change, but dogs are still sick and hurting.

Our partner has seen videos of the dogs from the workers. Their assessment is clear; the dogs are emaciated and starving. Nearly 30% of the dogs are missing; they may have died or wandered away in search of food.Our partners will leave for Ukraine soon and they need all the help we can provide.Can you make a donation of $35? It will make an incredible difference in the lives of the dogs of Chornobyl.

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