DogTrac VetLine – Unlimited Access To Veterinary Advice

From the 1st December, all DogTrac Premium Protection accounts will include DogTrac VetLine.

Having delivered the best part of 1800 dogs to new owners in the UK via our pet transport service I wonder how many of them have been ‘protected’ with insurance and services such as this one offered by DogTrac?

Here in Spain these services are as common as the preverbal Rocking Horse CaCa, and lets be honest, the sheer volume of dogs adopted by expats (who tend to be on tight budgets) means services like this wouldn’t be an option anyway, but having adopted a dog to give it a second chance in life it would (in my humble opinion) make sense to protect it.

Especially as there is a good chance it will (initially at least) be a flight risk!

Premium Protection is only £10 a year per account, not per dog.

What is Premium Protection?

  • Lifetime warranty on your DogTrac tag and free lost tag replacement. This covers you against loss and damage. All you pay is delivery.
  • If your tag is scanned or your dog’s microchip number searched, you will get an instant SMS and email alert and a link to a map pinpointing where it has been found.
  • Lost dog alert. If you lose your dog with or without his collar on you can hit the ‘Lost my Dog’ button on the DogTrac app or online and a notification will instantly be sent to the DogWatch community within 5 miles of where he went missing. A ‘Lost Dog’ poster on every street corner in seconds.
  • Personal SOS alert feature.
  • DogTrac VetLine

DogTrac VetLine: DogTrac VetLine is a telephone service offering unlimited access to veterinary advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

What is DogTrac VetLine?
DogTrac VetLine is the country’s most trusted veterinary helpline, providing expert support and advice to pet owners. It is a free telephone service offering unlimited access to veterinary advice.

The national team of highly experienced RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) registered veterinary nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

DogTrac VetLine provides a triage service with the caller being advised as to what they can do to help their pet and whether a visit to the vet is necessary and if so, how quickly. DogTrac VetLine is part of the largest vet advice service in the UK and has safely managed over 250,000 calls to date.

How does DogTrac VetLine benefit me and my pet?
After the consultation, almost 50% of cases didn’t need to see a vet at all, saving you time and money. A call to DogTrac VetLine won’t affect your insurance premium or policy excess either, however many times you call. At the weekend or out of hours, they can tell you if you need to urgently go to the vet or if it can wait for surgery opening times, potentially saving up to £175 on out of hours surcharges. Nearly 70% of out of hours callers did not need to see a vet urgently, but if you do, DogTrac VetLine can direct you to the nearest out of hours surgery.

How often can I call DogTrac VetLine?
You can call DogTrac VetLine any time, day or night, 365 days of the year. Members have unlimited access and can call as often as they need to.

Can I call DogTrac VetLine about all my pets?
Yes, you can call if you’re concerned about the health of any of your pets, not just your dog. DogTrac Premium Protection is probably the best value £10 a year you will ever spend. Don’t leave your dog’s safety to chance, ensure that your Premium Protection membership is active now.

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