Dolores A Coyote Girl

18/07/11: In the last few days I have fantastic news of Dolores. After several months in a foster home in Germany she seems to have found what Martina describes as the ‘perfect home’ for our still rather nervous girl!
“i found a very lovely woman for her, she visited Dolli today, and likes her, even when she was not able to touch her , nearly was not able to see her…we told her how shy she is, but she will try. She has a very lovely and queit male cat, a small appartment, wich I prefer for dolly….and she will give her all the time she needs. It’s a quiet home there so I hope dolli will like it….”

Let’s hope Dolli will like it! I like the shortened form of her name for her, AND I wish her lots of love and luck in her new life, AND I’m still hoping to received some better photos of a happy Dolli one day very soon!!!

24/04/11: Dolores is another of the coyote girls from the Subway restaurant colony. We’re not sure about her age exactly, but think it is similar or slightly more than Jessica’s. It IS possible that Dolores is Jessi’s Mum, and highly likely that they are related.

She is also one of Matt’s girls, as for about 4 months he fostered her along with Shakira and Jessica, and she travelled to Germany with them in March. She was also a nervous girl but is doing fine in her foster home. When I looked after her for a few weeks, she seemed quieter and less cheeky than Salma and the others, but a sweet girl who deserves a lovely home.

There have been some people interested in her but so far she hasn’t found her adoptant. I also look forward to new photos of Dolores as I think these original ones I took don’t really show her at her best.

Sweet Dolores

Sweet Dolores

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