Dolphins, seals and whales need your help!

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, our Marine Mammal Rescue & Research team has been as busy as ever. They’re rushing to save marine animals who become stranded on beaches or tangled in fishing gear. 
This work was challenging before the pandemic – now we have to rescue animals while keeping our team members safe and healthy.  
We can’t do this lifesaving work without you. We urgently need to re-stock our Mobile Dolphin Rescue Clinic with all the supplies we need to save and transport animals. 
Can you make a gift today to help us continue to save the marine mammals and all the animals? They urgently need you!

Your gift could help purchase everything a rescuer needs to save a dolphin’s life:    

  • A gift of £35 could help provide blood-analysis kits to examine animals and IV bags to deliver vital treatments to them.  
  • A gift of £50 could help purchase enough Personal Protective Equipment for a rescue team to use for several responses. 
  • A special save-a-life donation of £150 could help purchase all the supplies we need for one rescue … the gift of life!  
  • A gift of £300 could help purchase a dolphin stretcher to carry a dolphin back to freedom.  

Please know that any amount you give today will make a difference for an animal that needs us. 

Your support will mean the world to our team and the animals who rely on us to rescue them.

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