Domestic abusers often abuse pets too

People Who Abuse Humans Often Abuse Pets as Well. This Law Could Help!

It is no secret that domestic abuse and animal abuse go hand in hand. In fact, more than 70% of pet owners at domestic violence shelters had an abuser who also threatened or physically harmed their animal. People who will control and abuse their family are clearly willing to hurt pets, too. But an amazing, groundbreaking bill in Utah could change that. Sign now to tell Utah lawmakers to vote yes on HB175!

By some estimates, 25% of domestic abuse survivors will go back to an abusive partner because they fear for their pets lives and well-being. And often, abusers do just this. It is not uncommon for an abuser to hold a pet’s safety or situation over a victim in order to coerce them. The new bill would allow survivors to include their pets on protective orders, which creates a court-issued and legally-binding way to prohibit an abuser from trying to take possession of an animal, or even threatening or harming it. 

This bill would protect an untold number of animals and survivors of domestic violence. Sign the petition now to put pressure on state lawmakers to do the right thing!

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