Donkeys were pushed into trampling one of their own to death

People Corralled Donkeys Over a Fallen Animal Until it Was Stomped to Death

It was a classic case of cruelty and humans just shrugging their shoulders. Handlers rounded up a hoard of donkeys for sale and pushed them into a truck that was too small to fit them. Even though the situation was unsafe, the handlers didn’t care: their priority was exporting the donkeys to slaughterhouses in another country. There, the animals would be butchered for meat and stripped of their hides for the skin industry.  And that’s how several donkeys were forced into the horrific position of accidentally trampling one of their kin to death.

As they were coerced into the truck, one of the many scared, confused donkeys tripped and slipped underfoot — but the other animals were still being pressured to move and so were unable to stop. The donkey on the floor wanted to get away, but because the space was so small, it had nowhere to go and no way to move. And so it died a violent, painful death. Imagine the heartbreak of realizing you’ve kicked and trampled one of your own to death. None of this was any of the donkeys’ faults. The Israeli Ministry of Agriculture says the handlers in this case may have violated the country’s Animal Cruelty Law, but clearly more needs to be done to protect other animals from this fate in transit. Sign the petition to urge the Israeli government to ban live animal exports!

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