Don’t let agents separate pets from their beloved families

When will authorities learn how integral to family life and mental welfare pets are!!??

Max the Dog Was Needlessly Separated From His Family at the U.S. Border. Migrant Families and Their Pets Must Be Together!

to get to the U.S. — all with their beloved pit bull, Max, right alongside them. They navigated the needlessly complicated and bureaucratic U.S. immigration system, ready to start a new life. But when they arrived at the border, authorities told the Urbaez family they would have to leave Max behind in Mexico. As the family’s young children wept, authorities ripped Max away from them. Up until then, sweet Max had stayed by their side through every part of their harrowing journey, providing invaluable comfort and support for the youngsters. Then, officials placed Max in an animal shelter where he was likely confused, terrified, and disoriented, unsure where his trusted family members were and why he was alone.

Yet Max and the Urbaez family were among the lucky ones. Working with kind strangers, the Urbaezes were fortunately able to locate Max and reunite with him. But that was no thanks to Border Patrol — why didn’t its officers do the work to coordinate this reunion? Instead, the U.S. Border Patrol has a long, well-documented history of engaging in acts of terror against people who are simply trying to survive through migration. From destroying water jugs left by community organizations to charging at refugees with horses, this story is just the latest in a series of investigations which proves that Border Patrol is not interested in treating migrants like human beings. And this is not the first time that Border Patrol has needlessly separated people from their loved ones — human or animal. Border Patrol must find a way to keep families with their beloved pets! Sign the petition to demand that U.S. Border Patrol remove its unreasonable anti-pet protocols. Instead, it should train agents and officers to prioritize keeping families united with their companion animals!

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