Don’t let dolphins drown in the English Channel

Brexit has been one of the most tumultuous and divisive events of the decade. The resulting chaos and uncertainty are not only taking a toll on UK and EU citizens. An unexpected and shocking casualty? Dolphins. As European fishermen prepared for the UK to exit the EU’s fishing regulations, their presence in the English Channel reached an all-time high. But the high volume of fishing vessels, or trawlers, has killed dolphins in unprecedented numbers.

Dolphins get caught in fishing lines and nets run by trawlers. Unable to surface for breath, the curious, compassionate animals drown and are only discovered once the crews pull up the nets to collect their haul. The crews, without a second thought, throw the lifeless bodies back into the water, which then wash ashore and are picked at by seagulls. These dolphins are dying painfully and needlessly! We must protect them. Sign the petition and tell the EU to regulate trawlers and decrease the number allowed to operate!


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