Don’t let this dog-beater abuse another animal ever again

The man gets off his bike, approaching a group of good Samaritans who are trying to find the owner of a small gray dog that had gotten lost. He shows them proof the dog is his, and after that, everything should be happily ever after. But as the man comes near, the little animal immediately begins cowering away from him. Suddenly, before anyone has time to react, the man grabs his little dog by its collar and smashes his fist directly into the sweet pup’s face not just once, but three times. Then he drags it along the ground hard before choking it and yanking it back to his bike.

This footage was all capture by CCTV in the UK, but it cuts off before we can find out what happened to the pup and his violent human. All we can say for sure is that, judging from the dog’s behavior, this is not the first time it’s been subjected to such brutality. On top of that, research shows that this type of ongoing abuse makes this man more likely to continue to abuse not only the little gray dog, but also other animals or even people in the future. Sign the petition to urge the South Yorkshire police to find this man and arrest him for animal abuse, before he can hurt another animal or person!

3 thoughts on “Don’t let this dog-beater abuse another animal ever again

  1. Poochie

    If he does this to an poor defenseless animal what would he do to a human being. Please find him and arrest him. Please save this dog.

  2. Poochie

    I don’t understand why no one intervened to help this dog.

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