Dozens of dogs were found being prepped for their owner’s horrible scheme

Yet another vile person. 32 Dogs Were Found Enduring Horrible Conditions in This Florida Home. Their Owner Seemed to Be Planning to Use Them in a Dogfighting Ring.

A constantly barking dog can be aggravating, and even a source of conflict between neighbors. But, when one community in Pinellas County, Florida heard nearly 40 dogs barking for hours and hours, day and night, it wasn’t just annoying — it set off alarm bells. The concerned neighbors alerted authorities, saving the lives of 32 pit bulls who were likely being prepped to participate in a gruesome fighting ring.

Sign the petition and demand that the state attorney for Pinellas County include a lifetime ban on owning dogs and firearms in the sentencing of this horrific case!

Not only were 32 pit bull terriers found in this case, there were also two small children that were not being properly cared for, along with guns and ammunition. We know from extensive research that animal cruelty and abuse towards humans are closely linked. The person responsible has been arrested and charged, but we also know that jail time and fines aren’t restorative, nor do they stop someone from repeating harmful patterns. Sign the petition to demand Bruce Bartlett, the state attorney for Pinellas County, protect this community’s animals and people!


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