EIGHT gentle ponies and a donkey were destined to be KILLED

While the war in Ukraine shows us the worst kind of animal abuse, there is love and tenderness in Cornwall that is so very worthy of support.

If you love horses and ponies, you will be both saddened and happy by what we are about to tell you.

Saddened because 6 miniature Shetland ponies, a moorland pony and a donkey, who were rescued from abusive situations, faced death all over again when the woman who saved them became too frail to care for them.

Thank goodness we helped avert this tragedy. We support the remarkable HUGS Foundation, based near Bodmin Moor in England. HUGS is a haven for abused horses and ponies (and now a donkey too). Even though HUGS is full, the haven could not see 8 innocent creatures slaughtered, and have taken them in. Now the Foundation has turned to us, asking our supporters to help support them. They need microchips, vaccines, dental work and a farrier.
Because of abuse they suffered in the past, some of the rescued ponies also need X-rays, medical treatment and remedial work.

Our hearts go out to Igor, a tiny white pony who is just the size of a large dog. We fear he suffers from dwarfism, and he has a very strange way of walking, which might indicate other problems. Igor is good-natured and loving, but we worry he may be ‘smiling’ through the pain. Igor needs a full investigation and some specialist care.  

HUGS always tries to find homes for rescued creatures. But although the donkey and all the ponies are relatively young, because of their history of mistreatment and their present condition, some will sadly never find loving homes. This means that even after they are restored to health, they will remain at the sanctuary for the rest of their lives. HUGS will do its best, but we need your help to make sure that these sweet animals will be able to stay there and have happy lives. After all the pain and suffering they’ve experienced, HUGS must seem like heaven to them – and your help will make it so.

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