EWN 13/05: Teamwork Does Work

This is my article published in Euro Weekly News today. Almerimar Strays and PAWs cats have started to work together, and I hope it will prove to be a great relationship for both of us. ,

Last week I wrote about how I felt it was important to build a network of people trying to help stray animals across the region. We all have limited resources and at different times we have different problems. I really believe that we can help each other, and that there is strength in numbers. My primary focus remains helping the cats and dogs in Almerimar, and our fund-raising here is specifically for that purpose, but after that, I am happy to give my time and energy to being part of a rather bigger team.

I mentioned in my last article that I was about to help a rather beautiful siamese-mix cat from Mojacar. As you read this he will be settling into his new forever home in Switzerland! As well as Kalem, 3 beautiful ginger boys from the PAWs cattery in Mojacar travelled to Germany last Friday. Rusty already has a permanent home. Meanwhile his 2 brothers, Rufus and Robin, are in a great foster home where they will meet Pippa a stray from Almerimar and Ronaldo from Almeria, both already adopted by their foster Mum.

In addition, Martha, the gorgeous girl pictured, is here with us in Almerimar, awaiting a flight to Germany at the end of the month.

The cattery in Mojacar is a great facility; the cats are clean, healthy and well looked after. We are all agreed however that it is not a good long-term home for any cat. Rusty, Rufus and Robin were abandoned as small kittens and had been there for around 10 months, because of the difficulty of finding homes in Spain. Through the efforts of the great girls I work with in Germany, in just a few weeks, their lives and prospects have been completely changed.

My biggest problem in Almerimar remains a lack of foster homes, which is where working with PAWs in Mojacar has also helped me. The girls have already taken one ginger TomCat for me. I know he will be safe and well there while I find him a home. Pooling resources really does work, and together I think we can achieve more. Also as a self-confessed cat lover, I love the fact that I was able to help Kalem, Rusty, Rufus, Robin and Martha. All of us working with the strays, get huge satisfaction from what we do, so I am asking as always for animal lovers who would like to help in any way to please contact me.


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