EWN 30/09: Great German Girls

This is my article published in the Euro Weekly News this week, praising the work of the great girls in Germany who help our cats.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago praising the German animal lovers who give homes to our Spanish street cats, but the other people I can never thank enough are the lovely girls who work for the charity organisation over there, that makes all of this possible.

They are the ones who give up their spare time outside of their day jobs to help our cats. They spend evenings online liaising with me, and searching for homes, and drive miles to deliver the cats when they come off the regular transports. I have huge confidence in their whole organisation, from the home inspections, legal contracts, and experienced foster homes, to the ongoing support to adoptants, and the feedback to me.

Each cat is treated as an individual personality, and everything is done to find the right home. Some cats need playmates, some want to live alone, some really need a garden, some (if deaf) are safer inside. Others are ‘nervous’ more wild cats, or are traumatised, and need a very experienced owner, others are perfect for families, and some if they are FiV or FelV positive can only live with other carriers.

Even then, with all the care and effort, some homes don’t work out perfectly, but the girls are still there to find a new home as in the recent cases of 2 of our more feral kittens, or to just offer advice and guidance to overcome initial problems. The 2 beautiful cats pictured are also now looking for a new home, as their owner’s circumstances have changed, but I am confident they will find an even better one this time.

Once the cats leave Spain for Germany my work is done, and I am always confident that they are in the safest hands. They could not have a more dedicated, experienced and caring group of people looking after their future.

Belle & Twiggs

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