Exercising Your Galgo

Two questions that I get asked regularly regarding Galgos are: how much space do they need? and how much exercise do they need?

Now I should stress that I am no expert when it comes to ownership of dogs. We are incredibly lucky to have adopted our two Galgos Teo and Tigra, and to date we have been fortunate to have transported 75 to their new homes. Indeed our first ever dog transported was a Galgo, Briken, which started my love affair with these amazing dogs.

With respect to the amount of space they require I am amazed at how little they take up (Tigra will curl up into the smallest cat basket we have), and for large amounts of the day we never see them as they just love to sleep.

Of course they are big so they need room to move around, but they are incredibly graceful and careful with their movements. They do like to stretch out, so don’t expect your sofa to remain yours for very long!

Regarding the exercise I suspect that it varies significantly depending on background, age etc but what we have done is try and create a set of exercise options that mean they get variety, that we are not tied to the same exercise at the same time every day, that gives them a good balance, and allows for the fact that when I am away Sands has both of them to exercise.

We have a series of walks that we take them on around the marina and along the beaches that range from 2 hours t0 20 minutes.

We are fortunate that we have a beach and nature reserve where they can run.

Typically then their exercise week would include:

Twice a week we take them for a long (2 hour plus) walk which includes us stopping off in the marina for breakfast. On these days they then only really get a 20 minute stroll in the evening.

Three times a week they go down to the beach for a run. This takes about an hour. On these days they also get a walk of around 45mins to an hour.

Once a week they get an hours walk with a neighbours dog, and then they may get a run on the beach of another hours walk later in the day.

Once a week they get two or three short walks of about 30 minutes. We do this so that they are used to it for when either the weather is bad or I am away and Sands finds it easier to take them for regular short walks rather than longer walks.

Of course with me being away there are times when Sands has to exercise them on her own, although she has friends who will go with her to the beach and walks, so when we are both here we tend to split it between both of us walking them and only me walking them (to be fair to Sands and so they are used to the mix of people exercising them).

Would be interested in how much exercise your Galgos get.

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